Max Feldman, Victor Mizrahi & Maximiliano Villegas

Max Feldman, Victor Mizrahi & Maximiliano Villegas


We live an extraordinary moment in the history of the gentleman. In our hands is a chance to rescue the best of the past decades and envision a future in which tradition and innovation work in the same direction; perspective that represents the ideology of the modern gentleman. 

Victor Mizrahi, an expert in the textile industry and CEO at brinco Entretelas, Max Feldman, for more than 15 years ago focused on the distribution of fabrics, partner/owner of telas Byzanz and Maximiliano Villegas, project developer, tv host and passionate of style decide to found the company  Tomorrowland Tailors.                         

Tomorrowland Tailors is a tailoring company dedicated to the modern gentleman, and individual who resist the process of uniformity, a high degree of self-imposed requirement, takes care of every detail, live life, enjoy their pleasures and never loses his smile. We firmly believe in the man who makes a tailored suit the perfect armor to face the demands of daily life.



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We work with the firm mission to create custom pieces of the highest quality hand woven of the most recognized textile houses.

Pieces that celebrate and respect the values of hand crafted from a modern perspective.