LOCATION: Torre Virreyes, Pedregal 24, Molino del Rey. Mexico City.

“Super Servicio Lomas” located on Pedregal # 24, one block from two of the most important thoroughfares of mexico city, periferico and av. paseo de la reforma, was one of the first multifunctional buildings that were built in the city. the project, designed by architect Vladimir Kaspé, opened in november 1948, with the intention to integrate a car dealership, gas station and retail spaces into a single building.

The neighborhood, originally intended for commercial use, soon became an office area, displacing the residential sector. The building closed its doors in 2007, leading to an almost complete demolition in 2010, to later develop “Torre Virreyes”, a 25 level construction by architect Teodoro Gonzalez de Leon. This new building has an auditorium, multipurpose room, restaurants, museum, underground parking and a small shop of 100 m2 on the ground floor: Tomorrowland Tailors, a firm born in 2011 as a small tailor shop, that shortly after became one of the most exclusive in the country.
The space is front of 9 m of clear glass, which functions as a window display. Its horizontal planes - both floor and ceiling - are reflective and highlight the centerpiece of the project, which is built with 2,050 wooden bricks; a niche that embraces whoever occupies it, a space for a unique luxury experience, where the finest styles of recent decades are retrieved, projecting a future in which tradition and innovation work together, symbolizing the ideology of modern man.
This same ideology rules the project, which focuses on a mix between digital technology and mexican labor; the hardest carpentry work is not only in laying the bricks properly, if not in the difficult task of getting the amount of tzalam wood needed to produce 2,050 solid pieces and assemble them in the course of 6 weeks.

Amezcua projected a space that reflects the manufacturing process of the suits, a handmade process that allows customizing of every detail, favoring innovation and cutting edge designs.

Architects: AMEZCUA

Design team: Julio Amezcua, Rodrigo Lugo, Miguel González, María Fernanda González, Aarón Rivera, Ana Herrera
Year: 2016
m2: 100 m2

Images: Paul Rivera